arkansas dentistry & braces
arkansas dentistry & braces

Our dental experts offer full restorative care in addition to preventative care. Dental restorations maintain the structure and integrity of the teeth that may be compromised by cavities or external trauma. Our dentists utilize various forms of dental restorations to repair missing pieces of teeth or to restore cracked teeth.

Common dental restorations include:

Fillings: The most common form of dental restoration, dental fillings are used to repair tooth decay and minimal tooth fractures

Crowns: The purpose of a dental crown is to encompass and protect the entire tooth.  Crowns may be needed due to extensive tooth decay, cracking or trauma to the tooth

Bridges: Bridges are false teeth used to bridge gaps created by missing teeth.

Implants: In some cases, implants are needed for full restoration of tooth structure.  Implants can replace a missing tooth and can be used to anchor bridges.